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Saturday, January 08, 2011


Standing as it does for coercion by the State versus the freedom of the individual, Toryism remains Toryism, whether it extends this coercion for selfish or unselfish reasons. As certainly as the despot is still a despot, whether his motives for arbitrary rule are good or bad; so certainly is the Tory still a Tory, whether he has egoistic or altruistic motives for using State-power to restrict the liberty of the citizen, beyond the degree required for maintaining the liberties of other citizens.
Herbert Spencer
The Man Versus the State, 1884

This isn't about blackberries.
It's about organization, conformity and anarchy.
I have in my position a very detailed plan on the proper planting of strawberries. I have an itemized budget for all materials needed. I have a timeline - a schedule of tasks organized in bullet point fashion.
I have goals.
And I must admit to myself that though this is all of my own doing, it is a result not of my own exemplary work skills but of government intervention. Though I can humor myself into believing that I am, if left to my own devices, capable of such professionalism, the truth is I did this only because I was forced to do so by the state.
I have received an Agricultural Options Grant.
I filled out all the forms and impressed all the important people and wowed all the appropriate committees. I dotted all the i s and crossed all the t s. I tricked them into thinking that I know what I'm doing.
I embark now on a blackberry journey, better prepared for what lies ahead than I have ever been before. I am motivated less by the thought of eventual blackberry pies than I am by the need to complete my stated goals. I'm not excited by the thought of rows of healthy blackberries. I'm afraid of letting down the bureaucracy.
I have to do this. I already filled out the forms.

...the State is but an agency entitled to use power and coercion, and made up of experts or specialists in public order and welfare, an instrument in the service of man. Putting man at the service of that instrument is political perversion. The human person as an individual is for the body politic and the body politic is for the human person as a person. But man is by no means for the State. The State is for man.
Jacques Maritain
Man and the State
, 1951


  • At January 08, 2011 10:16 PM, Blogger Dana said…

    I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not. Apparently I rely heavily on body language to infer that sort of humor or lack of. But in any case, I am always more motivated when I have promised the execution of certain goals to another party, particularly if that party has given me money.
    I am glad you are writing here again. Please keep it coming, particularly in these snow storms.


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