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Sunday, July 11, 2010

At Least I Got the Laundry In

A bit more than an inch of rain last night, and blessed be every drop.
It washed the dust from the leaves. It filled up the flower pots. It watered the tomatoes. It made a little puddle outside the packing shed.
It softened the ground enough to pull weeds. It maybe softened the ground enough to receive a plow.
I've quite a few flowers waiting to get into the ground, but have been keeping them in the greenhouse. At least there I can water them. There are weeds in an old lettuce bed. They need to be disked in. Curly dock has gone to seed - I want to cut the seed stalks off and carry them far, far away. Rocks used to weigh down landscape fabric are still in the strawberry patch. They need to be picked up before I can turn that dirt over. The roller pump is seized. It's soaking in diesel. The peppers and eggplant bear little babies, almost ready to pick. The second squash planting is starting to bear, magnificently.
The milkweed is blooming. Bumblebees really like milkweed.
I really like milkweed, too. It's agood place to watch bumblebees.


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