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Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Grandmother's House, They Say, Rose Up In the Water and Floated Away

It was on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay in a used-to-be-run-down town called Fairhope. It was right on the Bay, and she bought it back before anyone wanted to live in Fairhope. That was before Frederick (1979, Category 3), and before Fairhope became a place to retire to. I'd visit her sometimes, during the summer. She'dtake me to the laundromat with her, and we'd sit on the benches next to the driers and watch The Price is Right. She used to like to watch The Price is Right.
Fairhope grew up quaint and fancy around her. Gift shops and bed & breakfasts opened. It used to be that there were no businesses on Main Street. Then it got so you couldn't find a place to park.
My grandmother stayed in her house until she got too old to live alone. She was 87 or 88 or something when she finally went to live with one of my aunts. I only visited her there once. I remember her sitting in the living room reading a Wilbur Smith novel.
The house is gone, now. My uncle went by yesterday. All the houses along that stretch of the shore are gone. My grandmother's house, he said, floated up above its foundation, and then started to move out into the bay. There's nothing left of it, anywhere. I don't think I even have any pictures.


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