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Friday, August 19, 2005

And Then Orville Said, "Let's Try Putting Wings On It."

Dare I confess to eating seven 'mater sandwhiches today?
And I've loved each and every one of them.

Okay, so this was my inspiration: Move the fan from on top of the broken refridgerator, where it's out of the way and blows straight through the house to where I'm usually sitting on the couch, to the window sill, where it can draw cool air in from outside and fill the house with night-time. (!)
Only took me three months.

Another baby shower in the offing. This will be my first repeater. I will have been to both baby showers for both of this person's kids. The world's filling up ....

Market tomorrow. I'll cover my table with cherry tomatoes. Cover. Like the old days.

And we may as well start canning.

I'm starting to think about chestnuts - it'll be awhile before they drop, but they can be seen in the trees, getting bigger and bigger and ....

The days are hot and sticky. The creek is cold and, um, cold. A perfect match.

And a shout out to my hypnotherapist. No, I don't want a cigarette so bad that I want to put my head through the computer screen. Instead, I'm feeling quite placid right now ..................


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