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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The White Board's Not White

The dry erase board we write prices on. Or used to write prices on. It’s dirty and the frame fell off last year and there’s a green cabbage $1 LB that just won’t erase.
J* decides she needs a new one but hasn’t had time to buy one. And we can’t use the old one anymore.
It’s just not up to the very high standards that the general public has come to expect from Let It Grow.
She’s gonna improvise today – just get a piece of posterboard or something.
But -
And those of you who have been reading this space faithfully knew damn well there was going to be a but in this tale somewhere
-but there’s no place to buy posterboard in downtown Asheville. Julie walks all over. None of the artsy fartsy shops have posterboard or anything you can improvise with. Hell, you can’t even buy paper downtown. Earth Guild doesn’t even sell paper.
J* says, "I can buy a statue of some Zulu god with eight arms but I can’t buy any paper."
Time was of the essence. It was mid-day Wednesday and we had to set up for market. I hit the dumpster behind Hot Dog King and found a Lays potato chip box. I sliced a panel off it and – oh shit do I have a magic marker?!?
Yes. Under the seat in the truck. Where else?
So we had a sign.
We might be white trash, but we get shit done.


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