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Monday, May 16, 2005

We're Being Strafed Again, It Must Be Time To Blog

The C-130 just flew over.

Today, we've experienced many centuries, nay, eons, at Let It Grow.

That paragon of 21st Century air power is just one example.

This morning, I carboyed up some locust mead. I feel home-made wine making (especially mead making) has a certain medievel quality to it. Don't you?
Something about opening up the little foil pack of starter yearst spoils it, though.

Out in the fields, it was time to pick up rocks. The rocks are probably a million years old.
The reason I need to pick up rocks is because tomorrow I'm going to run the rototiller beside the rows. Nothing like internal combustion.

Around about lunch, I discovered the starter on the tractor is cracked. Thinking about mules some more.

When I* got home, he reported that dinosaurs were chasing him.

Out in the fields, you feel like you're in touch with a two-hundred year tradition of Appalachian farming.
'Course, people have only been eating organic beet greens since 1972.

The farming work isn't done until I get on the internet a bit.
I'm going to need a better scale if we open our new seafood subsidiary. Something digital.

The fish subsidiary is something I'm really looking forward to. It will start a whole new phase of the business.
I'm trying to not get carried away with it though. I'd rather be a fisher of men.


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