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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Update 12

How tough a man is often depends on where he is and what he's doing.
Louis L'Amour

The sky has been a clear blue and the days are beautiful, but winter is not far off. An ill wind falls off the mountains to the west just after sundown. It's bitterly cold and sends you inside for a jacket. It'ss just playing, though. A moment later it's gone and the air is warm. Warm just long enough to trick you into feeling good, and then another cold blast comes down the hill.
A trailer blew up on Meadow Fork last week, and what did they find inside but a meth lab. There's been a lot of speculation as to who was running it.
A Farmall went into a creek a week ago and busted its front axle. I promised to stop by and help with repairs, but, alas, have not found the time. The world could run out of Farmalls some day, along with old Masseys and old Chevys, and that will be a sad day. VWs are becoming like hen's teeth in some parts of the country. You don't see them around here near as often as you used to.
D*'s greenhouse pieces are covered with dead goldenrod and pokeweed. They're still there, in the middle of the field, but you can't find them. I bush-hogged around them a while ago, and only ran over metal stuff twice. D* and S** had a falling out some time over the summer, and D*'s been told to hit the road. The water to his trailor has been shut off, and there's cement blocks piled in his driveway.
S** has either shingles or hives, depending upon what doctor he goes to. It hasn't slowed him down a bit. He asked me to crawl on the top of his barn this afternoon, and hang some electrical wires and things.
Bear season has come and gone. No one I know was in any way successful, but a Nissan coming down Hot Springs Mountain hit a cub and skidded into a guard rail.


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