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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weather Vanes

  Snow due for the weekend, whereas we were in the ‘70s last weekend.
   Temperature, life, quiches. It has its ups and downs.
   I made tremendous progress in getting the greenhouse ready for use last weekend. It was sunny and bright and warm and I was able to get a lot down. The approaching weekend promises to be just as productive. It’ll be snowy and cold, and there will be little else to do. The greenhouse will at least be dry, and will be, at least, a few degrees warmer than the outside world.
   My seed order came about in much the same way. I started working on it one sunny afternoon, the warm weather helping me to imagine the feel of the garden in May, inspiring me to make the coming warm season as flowery and plant filled as possible. Seed ordering as method acting.
   I finished it off over the next few nights. It was cold and rainy and there was nothing else I could do with the time. The thought of using a miserable cold night in a productive way further inspired me. The photos in the catalogs warmed the room, and made it easier to finish the task.
   The coming season will see me working off farm every day. I’m saddened that I won’t be in the fields everyday, but heartened at the thought of a predictable income.
   The idea of starting things up for yet another year, of working hard for a full year to have nothing to show in the end, is exhausting. And the idea of doing things on a reasonable scale is refreshing and energizing.
   It will be a windy night.


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